Brisk Appointment

Get Organized and Grow Your Business

Manage your Appointments

You can book new appointments from your dashboard's calendar. Assign a staff member and/or physical space to your appointments. Simply add a service and its associated cost to an appointment. You can easily update an appointment and clients get notified instantly.

Manage your Clients

Add new clients, track their appointments and record client contact details.

Keep a record of active and inactive clients.

Manage your Staff

Add new staff and manage current staff details in Brisk Appointment. You can assign a staff member to an appointment. Track which staff members are assigned to appointments.

Manage your Services

Does your business offer multiple services? Easily manage your services and their associated cost through Brisk Appointment.

You can adjust the service duration and cost and services can be color coded to easily identify them.

Manage your Spaces

You can manage your physical spaces all from Brisk Appointment. Spaces can be allocated to an appointment.