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Scheduling appointments for your clients and sending automated reminders to your customer is easy and free. Get set up in just a few steps, then easily organize the day for you and your staff.

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Brisk Appointment?

  • Simply enter your business information
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Online Appointments

  • Book and manage appointments securely from anywhere
  • Keep record of your clients
  • Manage appointments easily from your dashboard
  • Easily view an appointment's status: completed, in-progress or cancelled
  • Maintain a list of services and their prices

Email notifications

Clients are instantly notified of confirmed appointments

Customise your notifications

  • Customise email notifications your clients receive
  • Tailor the messages to your client base
  • Email appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Email updates or changes to appointments

Who is Brisk Appointment for?

Home Office
Personal Trainer

We know how important your time is. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage appointments and bookings. Brisk Appointment will free more time for you to focus on getting new clients and building your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, Brisk Appointment is 100% free. We are currently developing additional features that will require a paid subscription, though the current Appointment system is free.

What is appointment management software?

Appointment management software allows you to manage your appointments, clientele and staff all from one place. Creating, cancelling and rescheduling appointments are effortlessly done through the software. It takes care of sending out reminders to customers for their appointments.

How will my customers know if the appointment got booked?

Email notifications will be sent to let the customer know that the appointment was booked successfully — automated reminders will also be sent to your customers closer to the scheduled appointment time

What are the benefits of using Brisk Appointment?

  • Eliminates double bookings and reduces the amount of no shows
  • Saves time by speeding up the booking process
  • Save time managing large amounts of clients and bookings
  • Sends automated notifications to your customers
  • Spend more time on growing your business and less time managing your appointments

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